Apr 10.2021


April 10.2021

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Cyrus Voris Interview

Daisy O'Mega, created by Cyrus

Late last year I tracked down one Mr. Cyrus Voris, writer of the Renegade Rangers and Rusty and the Boys episodes and one of the storyboard artists for the series. Cyrus is a wealth of background information and as we near the 35th anniversary of the show, his torch still burns bright for the Rangers! Was he up for an interview on the Series 6 Podcast? You bet!

Check out part one of the two part interview over at or on your podcast player of choice.

On the 2nd part of the episode coming out later, Cyrus and the boys will discuss Renegade Rangers (and we have the scanned screenplay that Cyrus sent to Lee T way back in the day)! Listen to Cyrus talk about one of his first jobs out of college, discussing how some of the production took place, and at some point in one of the two episodes you'll find out what happens when a few lines of story get a clip instead of a fade to black... and you hear the thing about Gooseman that all the hardcore fans and harem fanfic writers already knew!

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