as reviewed by RD and Jay via the Series 6 Podcast

And Kidd says he’s communicated with them a long time ago…when he escaped them. Zach says Kidd is coming with them. Kidd says no and Double-Dutch threatens to impound his ship and arrest his crew. Then Niko asks Kidd how he escaped. He says their commanders use an ultra-loud whistling sound to give them orders. And then he demonstrates it…to everybody’s dismay. Kidd used that sound to make the Traash fighters turn on their commanders and made his escape in the confusion. And now Zach is forcing him to go right back…or face arrest.

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So they’re all in individual battle pods preparing to launch, when BrownPants realizes that Squeegee isn’t with him. It turns out that Squeegee abandoned him for Commander Double-Dutch. He’s crawling all over a strange man’s shoulder. Squeegee, you little two-timer!

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Just like they planned, they emerge from hyperspace facing down the Traash flagship. The Traash unleashes a ton of fighters to defend it. The Comanche charges right through evading dozens of fighters. When it gets within range, it drops the pods. Much like the Teflon Comanche, the pods evade a bunch of fire from mounted turrets. I found myself going “C’mon, Traash! What are you doing? You’re supposed to lead your target. You’ll never hit them if you’re aiming re-actively.”

Then I remembered I’m supposed to be rooting for the Rangers.


The Rangers and BrownPants sneak aboard the ship through some kind of vent. And Kidd makes some crack about his wife keeping him busy at home. And then Zach says “Oh yeah? Well, my wife doesn’t give me a hard time these days. Because she’s in a freezer, you prick!”

They discover a sealed door that leads to the interior. Doc has Pathfinder UN-seal it.

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Niko is holding what looks like a bowling trophy. It lights up and she says there are life forms up ahead. They see the some bug-people walking by, but they don’t even notice the Rangers.

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Kidd says that they’re hive workers, not programmed to fight.

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