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Galoob 1987

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Galoob 1987 Spring

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Horses #5308

Recreate the action of the NEW TV cartoon show with the GALAXY RANGERS space steeds. Dread, Z-100, MEL, and TRITON. Fully articulated, they rear and gallop just like their TV counterparts. These battery-operated molded horses have light-up heads and an action switch which throws the rider off. Four Assorted. The GALAXY RANGERS ZAP PACK can be fitted over the horses as saddlebags. When beamed with the light sensor, the rider flies from his horse and "hits the dirt."

Jet Cycle #5306

It's the fastest cycle in the galaxy! A replica of those seen on the NEW syndicated TV cartoon, the GALAXY RANGERS JET CYCLE really MOVES! Pull-back spring action starts cycle across floor with a GALAXY RANGER riding at lightning speed to catch "the bad guys" before the reach their space "hideout." Great Galaxy action!

Galaxy Rangers Guns

Real-looking guns to tame the space frontier! Child-sized GALAXY RANGERS guns, replicas of those used on the NEW TV cartoon show make GALAXY RANGERS of all ranger hopefuls.

Blaster #5320

Power-packed six shooter blasts the "bad guys" with water from a range of over twenty feet! Just pump it up and aim straight! Let me see ya dance, pardner!

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Double Barrel Shotgun #5322

Hands up or I'll shoot --- WATER, that is! DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN blasts a stream of water up to twenty feet away, and sounds like a real GALAXY RANGERS shotgun.

Pump-action water reservoir sends the Galaxy "bad guys" running.

Boxed Playsets #5310

Two Boxed Playsets add to the GALAXY RANGERS action fun.


Includes GALAXY RANGERS gun with clicker, a holster that clips on any belt, an official GALAXY RANGERS badge, a bandanna with an official GALAXY RANGERS ring.


The Deluxe Playset includes everything in the Standard version PLUS a GALAXY RANGERS hat and a belt.

Lazer Invader Set #5326

The ultimate in interactive shoot-out play!

Zap the "bad guy" with infrared beams! Western play in space-age style! The GALAXY RANGERS LAZER INVADER BLASTER blasts a triggered target up to FIFTY feet away!

Indoor outdoor action play that's guaranteed excitement!