Top 10+ Things the Rangers Dont Want to Hear


  1. "Ranger Buzzwang will be your backup."
  2. "This is Spacepeace! Uh, like, could you give us a hand?"
  3. "Hey look--Nimrod made another video!"
  4. "Next time you crash one of the ships, it comes out of your paycheck."
  5. "Due to budget cuts..."
  6. "Longshot needs someone to test something hideously dangerous. Your name came up."
  7. "Root beer? What happened to the Supertrooper Juice?"
  8. "Yo, did that scarecrow move?"
  9. "I would've sworn we packed the spacesuits."
  10. "May I present--Premier Wheiner!"
  11. "You know that song you did on the Battle of the Bands? Well, it's #1-they want you to tour."
  12. "As part of an officer exchange program with the Crown Empire..."
  13. (as Stingray and Killbane enter the room) "We've granted the Supertroopers amnesty. Meet your new partners."

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