September 14.2021


September 14.2021

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On This Day in 1986

35 years ago today, Phoenix aired on TV stations across the United States, starting a 65 episode run of the show that combined classic Western themes with adventures in deep space!.

You can read about the series here and read Tara O'Shea's 2004 interview with series creator Robert Mandell for some insight behind the scenes and his thoughts on the series. Don't miss our extensive collection of Galaxy Rangers fan fiction!

Happy anniversary Galaxy Rangers!

No guts, no glory!

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Original Artwork

Series artist Larry Rosenthal shared a tweet with his original series drawings of a few Crown assets! Check that out here!

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Printable Ranger Interceptor

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That's right, you too can hold a Ranger Interceptor! Almost year in creation, with 56 iterations, 3 printed and assembled test models, I've made the .stl files publicly available for free on Thingiverse. See the full page for the Interceptor here and see the Ranger Interceptor category page for images of the creation process.

If you make Interceptor, let me know! I would love to see pictures and add to the fleet.