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Thursday 10-26-00

BM1.0 Icon Full.gif Updated the Episode Guide with a new entry for Shoot Out. So get your Crunchies and go take a peek.
BM1.0 Icon Full.gif While grabbing some screenshots for an upcoming ep guide entry for Psychocrystal, the following picture of Longshot was put together. Possibly the first in a series to come with each additional ep guide entry.

Wednesday 10-11-00

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Where does the time go? I've decided that I like doing this site way too much, so I'm back into it. Lee and I will be both bringing you Beta Mountain together for awhile. So, with this update, there are a couple surprises to mention:
  • Our host server has increased their server limit from 10MB to 20MB. This has allowed us to bring you the character guide and episode guides once again.
  • The search site search engine is back in action.
  • Spent some time compressing the site's many pictures and reduced the overall size to about 60% of which it originally was.
  • AnnieO has agreed to do the Our History section, so we should be seeing that sometime down the road.

And on a bad note:

  • The Ranger link section is down until further notice. Still trying to track down an efficient link system (and I'm probably making it harder than it should be), when it's up again, I'll post the word.

It feels good to be back, Mike

Thursday 09-07-00

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gifWelcome AboardBM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif

Welcome back to Beta Mountain! As the newly appointed webmaster I am planning on getting things back on track here at Beta.

Our first order of business is to determine the location of RangerCon 4, the annual Rangers-L get together!

Several locales have been mentioned and the voting booth is open!

Lee Thompson

Sunday 08-12-00

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gifFarewell & A New DirectionBM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif

While Betamountain has been officially opened for business for a little less than a year, I've been working on it for just about a year to this day. I'm sad to say that I'll be leaving and moving on to pursue some life with my band. Not to fret (guitar humor..), I will be passing on to someone that I feel is more than capable of continuing the work here & who may be able to breath some new life with his abilities into the project. I plan to do a few episode guide entries in the future, so I'll be putting in my two cents in one form or another. After this post, I'll be assembling all the data I have and mailing it out next week to the new mystery webmaster.

So, as my final update, I'd like to say thanks to everyone that helped out on the sidelines and to everyone who sent in mail to ask about the series and what was happening with it. It has been a pleasure creating something that honored something that people enjoyed and in turn was enjoyed itself.

Take care & Farewell, Rabbi Bob a.k.a. Mike Beane

Rangers Ho!

Thursday 07-27-00

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif After some thought on the matter, I've decided to permanently separate the Episode Guide & the Character Guide from the main site. Due to the potential size of them, it would be easier to manage to separate entities, one that is dynamic (this site) and one that will be static (guides). Next week I will begin the conversion to the guides and post them.
BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif On the home front, our own Caro Von Toth (whom I give bonus points to for having such a cool sounding name) has opened Ranger One, a site dedicated to GR. Inside you'll find a character guide, links, fanfic, a really handy guide to the GR universe and a gallery. The gallery should charge admission as it would be worth the price.

Tuesday 07-18-00

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif 11 days after the 7/5 post, I received this message:
I have received word from our engineers that our internal DNS has been properly configured, and your domain will be resolving with 24 hours. Again, I apologize for the delay with getting your site up and running, and appreciate your patience. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you in the future.
Jeff E.
So, if you're reading this, then it worked. Be sure to read 07/05.

Wednesday 07-05-00

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Well, if you haven't noticed, has been offline for sometime now. We're still looking for a home and are tossing around ideas on the list. I've decided that there should be something of the site up in the meantime. So, that said, let me apologize for the streamlined version of
Since we have a few new members on the list (Hi Ren, Geert & John Rawlins (yes, J.R. from the series (not Dallas, you aging goofs), who we will interviewing when we get back on our beware..) I thought it was important to keep the site up to provide IRC & Mailing List info.
There is a copy of the old site over at, but beware. The banners there interfere with the site's flow. Be warned. We should be up and running again in the near future. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at GRsiteinfo @ , I will try my best to entertain.

Saturday 06-17-00

BM1.0 Icon RecycleEmpty.gif Looking for shows from yesterdays past? Check out . Make sure you have some time, this site is well designed and has so many things of interest that you may find yourself there for awhile.
BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Betamountain would like to say "hello" to Dan Fiorella who dropped by last week to see the site. Earlier this month, posted a link to with a work of Dan's. Well, it looks like he's been cranking some more out. Run a search on the name Dan Fiorella and check them out.

Saturday 06-10-00

BM1.0 QBall Icon.gif Take the numerous warnings that appear with information on flashing a BIOS chip and pay attention to them. My apologies for a week without any work on the site, but the better half of it was spent obtaining a replacement chip and re-installing Windows 98.

Saturday 06-03-00

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Head on over to, a site whose goal "is building the world's largest collection of knowledge about the topics you love and need to know about.." While you're there be sure to run a search on the name Dan Fiorella and read his "One Parent's Guide to Braces." If you don't know who Dan is from the show, click here.

Friday 06-02-00

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif A few items to post concerning Galaxy Rangers, Copyrights and such:
  • Hearst owns the distribution rights to the existing Rangers episodes.
  • The copyright belongs to the Gaylord Group (and permission is found via them & Mr. Mandell).
  • CPM does not have either (so let them & F.P. be.).
  • Have patience, Goose would.

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