Chat Among Psychics



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Chat Among Psychics

by Delora2047

Rated: K

Summary: One can meet strange people on the interstellar network.

Disclaimer: 'The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers' is copyrighted by Hearst Entertainment, Inc.

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Late at night on the chatting channel for psychics


User59: Does anybody have any experience in psychically influencing robots or androids?

User404: It cannot be done.

Violet: Of course it can be done. I regularly convince the Tortuna spy droids that they haven't seen me but a slaver lord.

Fuchsia: I've never tried spy droids, but convincing android Crown Troopers that the Queen wants them to get her vanilla ice cream immediately works well.

Violet: Wouldn't they have to get it from League space?

Fuchsia: Exactly.

Do you dress like a slaver lord to reinforce the illusion?

Violet: That's for beginners!

Fuchsia: I like not to waste my energy!


User3: I'm being posted to Prairie. Is it possible to telepathically talk to the Lycans?

User404: It's impossible.

Fuchsia: Of course it is possible. It's best if you immerse yourself in a pack of Lycans for a week or so. They all can understand telepathic thought, but some are weak senders and you need to learn their thought patterns first.

Violet: You listened to them? Interesting. I just fastened mini cameras to their ears and told them to run around Bovo's facilities. That company's security is ridiculous. No challenge at all.

Fuchsia: Try jumping down their water fall!


User2222: I'm writing my dissertation about psychic peoples with hive minds. I've already examined the Traash, but I need a second species for comparison. Do you think Gherkins would be suitable?

User404: Gherkins don't exist.

Fuchsia: Of course they do exist, but that information is classified. Actually, Gherkins can link minds quite well, but outside a psycho crystal they are not truly a hive mind.

Violet: Slaver lords are hive minds too but they are kind of difficult to study.

Fuchsia: You've worked with slaver lords?

Violet: I run into them during my jobs. They're quite easy to maneuver as long as the Queen is not looking through them.

Fuchsia: Could we discuss that in person? I'd really like to hear more of your ideas about that.

Violet: Sure. I'd also like to hear more about Gherkins. Why don't we meet at the Sundown Bar next time that you're on Tortuna?

Fuchsia: I'm always in a hurry when I'm on Tortuna. Could we meet at BETA's Luna café instead?

Violet: You're a Galaxy Ranger?!

Fuchsia: You're not!?


"Doc, get up right now and fix security for our ranger chat channels!"

"What, is that 404 troll bothering you again? Can't it wait until tomorrow, Niko?"

"Not quite. Now hurry up; I brought some of Goose's coffee for you."


"Brainchild, I find your idea of an outlaw chat network really fascinating, but it might help if you communicated your exact definition of it to us now and again."

"I don't see the problem, Shimmerer. I planned everything perfectly."

"Well, there were some minor inconveniences. I've pinned an exact description of them to your computer screen with post-its and some cyanoacrylate adhesive."