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by Delora2047

Rated: K

Summary: After ‘Heartbeat’, Tarkon is opened to the outside world. But are all changes for the better?

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It was the day King Spartos of Tarkon decided something in his life had to change.


He had been almost dethroned by false advisors twice, one a puppet of the Queen of the Crown, the other a Scarecrow, his daughter had been leading a rebellion against him for ten years without his noticing, furthermore she was way too attracted to outsiders on a personal level than a traditional Tarkonian father could approve, and to his utmost consternation, the heating in his castle did not work.

He studied several of the treatises about why democracy was the better way to govern and some of the vacation brochures enclosed with them that found their way to Tarkon since the ban against off-world goods had been lifted.

Maybe a constitutional monarchy pointed the way to the future?

He realized he was at the end of his wisdom and needed help with this.

A day later, an emergency call by Princess Maya reached Beta.

"We immediately need the help of the Galaxy Rangers," Maya pleaded.

"What happened?" Walsh asked, concerned. "Is the Queen attacking Tarkon?"

"It's worse." Maya's face was a mask of terror.

"My father hired business consultants to help him modernize Tarkon."