Bubbles are Trouble



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Bubbles are Trouble

by Red Witch

Rated: K+

Summary: Young Shane Gooseman's first encounter with something called a bubble bath.

"Some people find baths more relaxing," Walsh sighed. "Now Goose, listen. I'm going to be out of the room for a while. I have an important meeting to attend to. And I won't be back until later. I don't want you to leave this hotel room for any reason! Understand?"

"Yes Sir," Shane nodded obediently and followed Walsh back into the room.

"Like I said before you can spend the time reading up on your lessons, including this book on manners," Walsh handed them to him. "On second thought I want you to focus on the manners book."

"It looks boring," Shane frowned.

"That it may be but this book has some essential skills you need to learn in order to survive out in the world!" Walsh said gruffly. "And I don't want you spending all your time watching Tri-D!"

"But I learn a lot of stuff watching Tri-D," Shane frowned.

"That's the problem," Walsh grumbled. "Just study your lessons and limit your Tri-D time. You can wash up and take a nap if you want. There's a small fridge in here where you can have some food…"

He went through the small mini bar. "You can have these nuts, oatmeal cookies, peanut butter and crackers…" He took things out he thought Shane could eat. "Water and milk. Do not touch the candy bars or the sodas! We don't want to tempt fate again! There, this should hold you until I get back."

"Now Goose behave yourself," Walsh told him as he began to leave. "I mean it. I don't want you to get into trouble! So stay in here and don't…Well just don't be you for a while."

"Yes sir," Shane resigned himself to staying in the room. When Walsh left he looked out the window sadly. The city looked so beautiful outside. But he was forbidden to explore it.

"Well I guess I should start on my reading," Shane picked up one of the electronic books. "Manners and Social Mores…Ugh. Even the title of this thing sounds boring. This stinks! But I guess it's better than the Cryocrypt or a cell."

Then Shane had an idea. He looked at the bathroom. "Well…The Commander did say I could wash up." He smirked. He went into the bathroom and started to examine all the products. He pulled out the bubble bath and sniffed it again.

"Why not?" He grinned. He went to the large bathtub and figured out how to plug the tub. He pounded the stopper securely with his fist in order to make sure it would not leak. Then he turned on the water and turned it to the temperature he wanted. Then he added some of the bottle.

He was amazed at all the bubbles that came out of the water. He put more in the tub and then even more. With a mischievous twinkle in his eye he quickly stripped off his clothes and got into the tub. He enjoyed playing with the bubbles and wanted to make more. So he emptied up the bottle and then turned on the valve of the bathtub at full throttle.

Unfortunately he broke the handle. "Oops," He blinked. "This can't be good."

He tried to unplug the drain but found that it was stuck securely. "I think I hit it too hard," He blinked. "Oh well…At least there's a lot of bubbles for me to play with…"

Twenty minutes later Walsh was returning to the hotel room. "I can't believe I forgot my briefcase! I swear Gooseman is going to be…What the…?"

He saw the hallway carpet was wet. Then he saw there was water leaking out from his hotel room. "Oh no…" Walsh moaned. "No…It can't be. He couldn't have…"

Cautiously he opened the door and stood to the side as a huge tidal wave of water and bubbles poured out into the hallway. "GOOSEMAN!"

"GOOSEMAN!" Walsh roared as he sloshed into the room. A pair of green eyes blinked out at him, hiding underneath the bubbles. "COME OUT OF THERE MISTER! I SEE YOU! COME OUT NOW!"

Shane reluctantly stood up, bubbles barely covering his body, specifically his more private areas. "Uh Sir, I think the bathtub is broken…" He gulped.

"That's not all that was broken," Walsh seethed. "Twenty minutes! You broke your record of getting into trouble by a mile!"

"I was just trying to clean up," Shane said sheepishly. "I like the bubbles."

"I noticed," Walsh looked around at the mess. "And you used the whole bottle didn't you?"

"How did you know that?" Shane blinked.

"Lucky guess," Walsh groaned.

"What is going on here?" A housekeeping maid rushed in. "What is all the water…?" She turned and squealed when she saw Shane and ran away.

"What was that all about?" Shane blinked.

"That was about us getting kicked out…" Walsh groaned. "Again! Maybe locking you up in the stockade wasn't such a bad idea after all!"