Bubblehead And The Baby



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Bubblehead And The Baby

by Red Witch

Rated: K+

Summary: Maybe it's not such a good idea to let a defective memory bird hang around a baby Supertrooper?

Bubblehead has taken off with the disclaimer saying that I don't own any Galaxy Ranger characters again. Here's a shot of more madness from me because I'm bored.

"Now Bubblehead please behave yourself while Goose is away on a mission," Niko asked the memory bird that couldn't remember anything except how to get in trouble.

"Do I get nachos if I do?" Bubblehead asked as he sat on her shoulder.

"Maybe," Niko sighed as she rang the door chime to the Supertroopers' apartment.

Darkstar answered the door. "Hey Niko. I see you brought Bubblehead."

"Yeah Shane asked me to take him to you and see if you can watch him for a while," Niko said.


"Mata! No biting Noah! That's not how we behave!" Darkstar called out. "Noah stop crying! She didn't bite you that hard!"

"Yes she did!" Noah screamed.

"Uh is there a problem here?" Niko blinked.

"Oh no they're just playing," Darkstar smirked.


"Playing what? Cannibal?" Bubblehead chirped.

"I didn't bite Noah that time!" Mata shouted.

"No, you just kicked me!" Noah shouted.

"I didn't kick you that hard," Mata said.

"Where you kicked it was hard enough!" Noah yelled.

"Oh stop whining! She kicked me there twice and you don't see me crying about it!" Ryder shouted.


"That one kind of hurts…" Ryder whimpered.

"Mata! No more kicking the boys there! They can't handle it!" Darkstar shouted.

"Okay," Mata said. "We'll be more gentle on them."

"YEOW!" Ryder screamed.

"You call that gentle?" Niko was stunned.

"For Supertroopers yes," Darkstar said. "It's not like the human kids are here. Jessica and Billy are at school and Little Zach is with his mother."

"PILEDRIVER!" Dea whooped.

"AAAHHHHHHH!" Noah screamed.

"Aren't you going to stop this?" Niko was stunned.

"Only when they get really violent," Darkstar told her.

"Nice to see all that counseling and therapy is working on them, huh?" Bubblehead quipped.

"Are you sure you can handle Bubblehead today?" Niko was having second thoughts about this.

"Don't worry, Bubblehead can play with Dawnstar. She really likes him and he's good with her," Darkstar said.

"I like the baby," Bubblehead chirped.


"Mostly because she doesn't have any teeth yet," Bubblehead blinked.

"Girls stop beating up Noah and Ryder!" Niko barked. "Stop fighting!"

"Why?" Noah asked. "We're having fun!"

"I think I'm just going to walk away now…" Niko decided it was better to avoid the headache altogether. "Here's Bubblehead…Try not to dismantle him."

"Something tells me that if that did happen, Goose wouldn't mind so much," Darkstar snorted as Bubblehead flew past her and into the next room.

Baby Dawnstar was in a playpen happily gurgling. "Hi baby!" Bubblehead fluttered down and landed in her playpen. "How's it going?"

Dawnstar gurgled and started to crawl towards Bubblehead. "Urk! Boy you're getting a lot of vitamins in your diet aren't you?" Bubblehead gasped as Dawnstar hugged him.

"Oh isn't that cute?" Darkstar smiled as she walked in. "Dawnstar, you like your little friend don't you?"

"If she likes me any more I'm gonna be a pancake," Bubblehead chirped. Dawnstar gummed his head. "Hey! Don't eat me! I'm not a nacho!"


"Now what?" Darkstar went into the next room. "Ryder! You know you don't throw furniture like that! You throw it like this!"


"I'm beginning to remember why I fit in here so well," Bubblehead disentangled himself from Dawnstar. "You want something to eat baby? You must be hungry if you want to eat me! I'll get you something good!"

Twenty five minutes later Commander Cain was in his office doing paperwork. "Now if I bet fifty dollars on Mr. Lucky I'm pretty sure with odds of two to one I might be able to pay for repairs of the last insane incident around here," Cain muttered.