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by AnnieO

Rated: K

Summary: A poem inspired by AKK's WolfDen Saga.

Ashes falling through the night,
Cries of sorrow, screams of fright
Turning children's hearts to stone
Each must walk this road alone.

Falling ashes, secret tears
And no one there to soothe their fears
Of this, the nightmare that they dread
To live half-alive, yet mostly dead.

Ashes fall, whispered cries
Children watch the nighttime skies.
Not the darkness do they fear,
But the daylight drawing near.

Ashes fall, another dies.
The children watch, yet no one tries
To stop the screams and end the pain
Their blood has soaked the ground again

Falling Ashes, Hands reach out,
Searching for a life without
The touch of death and stink of war.
What are the children dying for?

Ashes fall, the end is near,
Not one of them will shed a tear.
All hope is lost, all prayers unsaid,
The children's hearts are all but dead.

Ashes fall, the pyre is lit
The children's lives give fuel to it.
They stand alone, and don't know why
Their blood will streak across the sky.

Ashes Fall, One stands alone,
Pushed into a life unknown.
He turns to see the others die.
He greaves and yet cannot cry.

Falling ashes, no more cries,
No flowers left, no last goodbyes.
=In unmarked graves their bodies lie.
The Children gone, the fires die.