Strange isn't it? I've never really been alone but I've always felt lonely.

Ever since I can remember I had Ariel. She was more than my mentor. She was my mother, my friend, my confidant and sometimes my co-conspirator.

But still…

No matter how much I was accepted on Xanadu I was still the only one of my kind on that planet. There were no other humans on that planet or any planet near that solar system. I lived there but it was not my home.

I learned all I could about Earth through books, videos and everything else I could get my hands on. I have always loved Archeology so I studied Earth as if it was one of my projects. When I was finally old enough to go to Earth on my own I thought I was well prepared for finally meeting my own kind.

Boy was I wrong.

My telepathic abilities were not as strong as the mentors on Xanadu so I couldn't read people's minds but I could pick up their emotions. And unlike the aliens I lived with, human emotions are not so simple. Humans don't just feel one emotion at the same time. They feel dozens of them.

But the emotions I always got when people found out what I was were fear, mistrust and caution.

They were afraid of me. Many of my own classmates at the Academy were afraid of me. Some outright shunned me.

Psychics were considered oddities at best. Threats at worst. I felt I had to hide some of my skills in order to prove that I wasn't a threat. So I did.

And many people still didn't trust me.

Some did and became my friends. I even dated one or two of them. But I never felt a real connection to them.

I was still alone.

I graduated from the Academy and worked in the new Ranger program for a year before I was assigned to the Series Five Team. My team consisted of two proven veteran rangers and one new ranger, freshly graduated from the Academy.

I had heard stories about the Supertrooper Project but I really didn't think much about them at the time. Then I met Shane Gooseman.

I expected to receive certain emotions from a one time living weapon. Rage, hate, anger, confusion, even coldness.

Again I was surprised.

Yes those emotions were there but they were suppressed. There were greater emotions covering them.

Loneliness. A desperation to prove himself. A curiosity to not only explore the universe but Earth as well.

Then it hit me.

He was the only one who was alone like me.

He was the only one who was different like me.

He was the only other one out of all the other humans on Earth, felt like an alien on his own planet.

I don't think he realized it at first. He wasn't completely sure what I was either. But he was surprised that I wasn't intimidated or frightened by him at all.

Why would I be afraid of someone just like me?

I guess that's when the attraction hit.

I can't deny that I've always been attracted to Shane. And I admit his looks didn't hurt but that's not what got past my defenses.

It was the fact that we both felt so alien to other humans. In a way we were both outcasts trying desperately to fit in. To find our place in the universe.

And we did. We found it in the Series Five Team.

Maybe that's why I get so jealous when Shane flirts with other women and they flirt back. I can't help it. I've never felt so possessive about anyone before.

Why do they have to try and take away the only other person in the world that's like me? There are tons of other available men out there, they don't have to go for Shane.

Not that Shane discourages them that much. I know he's a bit of a flirt but still the man can take things too far. Believe me, I've taught him a lesson or two about jealousy.

But I can't stay mad at him too long. It's hard to hate the guy.

I guess it's because we're so much alike.