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BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Lady Niko took a great initiative step and set up a Pay-Pal account for donations. We're looking into finding a home with no banners soon and the donations will be used to foot the bill that way. I'll post more later about the Pay-Pal once I figure out whether or not I can do that here (I believe I read that we're not allowed to post any money making links while we're hosted under the basic service at, but I will investigate). Email Lady Niko at LadyNiko @ for more info.
BM1.0 Icon Working.gif Ok, as annoying as this icon may be, it gets your attention. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Jayce (you can hate your ICQ info for this one Jayce ;-P ). Many more!
BM1.0 QBall Icon.gif Check out the newest Episode Guide entry for Heartbeat.
BM1.0 Icon RecycleEmpty.gif Bruinhilda sent along some pics of the Galaxy Ranger comic book covers over at Check the out issues 7, 8 and 9 [here].
BM1.0 Icon Goose.gif Fan art springs up again!
AKK brings us a proposal rendition of Goose's grandfather, Jon Hays. You can see that and more at her site.
Hays1ico small.jpg
Caro is back with some new fan art. Check out her latest Niko picture by clicking the thumbnail below. Be sure to check out her site, Ranger One, afterwards.
Niko4coloredsmall small.jpg
BM1.0 Icon Full.gif Other things to check out:

Master Kaymo pointed out this rather interesting article as some forethought on the future of political/social order as it might pertain to a 'GR' world. Read GM researchers created virus 'as dangerous as TB' over at <br
Found small mention of GR over at See