04-14-01 (Guest book)


04-14-01 (Guest book)

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Crazy couple of weeks around the home, if you're interested, you can read them over at But the one that effects this place the most is that my ISP was bought out and now we're going through conversion to new (different?) operating procedures. My email has been in and out of existence for two weeks now, which is trying at best. I know that I have a few emails of stuff worth posting, but I can't get to them. If my memory serves me, Dan Fiorella is becoming quite a name over at Cracked magazine, now given the prompting to use his 'roving talents.' Dan also sent along more Roy lyrics, but they're lost in transition for the moment.

Loaded a Mac emulator last week and I really hope the text here doesn't look as crappy as it does in Netscape 3.04 for the Mac users. My apologies if it does. For some reason, I never got the hang of settings. I did decide today that the yellow font was a tad bit much at I'm looking at switching to something that won't cause cataracts while reading along. This change will only be apparent on pages that are made from today on. Someday I'll change the other pages and spread uniformity. Yellow...what was I thinking?

Finally, a guest book. Drop a line and leave your mark when you stop by Betamountain. I added a location entry in hopes we can show how global the Galaxy Rangers are. So, enough already, go and sign.