03-30-01 ("About", DanF, Roy's Lyrics, LEE MOVES!!!!)


03-30-01 ("About", DanF, Roy's Lyrics, LEE MOVES!!!!)

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Enough teasing! The "About the series" section is complete. Big thanks to Fatima for doing her homework and putting together such a well done piece. Go grab a hot chocolate, get your 'Crunchies' and read all about the series.
BM1.0 Icon RecycleEmpty.gif From the dark sectors of Dan Fiorella's hard drive comes "The Ballad Of Ol' Roy"
BM1.0 Icon Full.gif From the mailing list, check out the latest issue of Cracked (#355, Digimon cover) for some more Dan "I don't care as long as the name on the check clears" Fiorella.

The editors hype reads as "One of the hottest writers in the biz, Dan "How Do You Spell That" Fiorella transmits two hilarious computer treats: a look at COMPUTER SIMULATION GAMES, and a peek at deleted scenes from DVD's!"

Also, Dan has a new home for his writing madness over at Stop in and check it out. We pimp Dan out quite often here, don't we? Got GR related news? Send email to pimp_me_not_dan @ and we'll post it when we update!
It's has been a long, unsolved mystery to whether or not there is a person at Lee's terminal (Lee's the other webmaster here - RB), but as described below, we have an eye account of Lee actually making noise in IRC..
[14:55] *** Now talking in #galaxyrangers
[14:55] *** Topic is 'Welcome to the Psychocrypt'
[14:55] *** Set by Bruinhilda on Mon Mar 26 19:16:53
[14:55] *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Rabbi_Bob
[14:56] <Rabbi_Bob> Hi Lee
[14:56] <LadyNiko> wow, Lee spoke
[14:56] <LadyNiko> he just wandered off to get lunch
[14:56] <Rabbi_Bob> and I missed it..
[14:57] <LadyNiko> "LeeThomps wanders off to get some food stuffs"
[14:57] <LadyNiko> that's his only comment for the day :)
[14:58] <Rabbi_Bob> hehe..this will make the update
[14:58] <Rabbi_Bob> <VBEG>
[14:58] <LadyNiko> RB, you're evil :)
[14:58] <LadyNiko> something to go down in history.... 
There you have it folks, a "first person second hand account" of Lee moving about while on IRC. We'll keep you posted if he returns or if Sasquatch makes an appearance as well.