02-11-01 (C. Rowley)


02-11-01 (C. Rowley)

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif From the mailing list, Christopher Rowley has had another book published:
An announcement from the sales department.

The Second Book of Arna, "THE SHASHT WAR" by Christopher Rowley is now on its way to sales outlets across the US etc..
ShastWar CR.jpg
We were able to find the book over at Click here to check it out! (Thanks Kaymo)

Note: It ends up that the cover pictured above is part of the promo batch and the 'Shast' misprint led to the pulping of those copies.

BM1.0 Icon RecycleEmpty.gif I must admit that I have not read any of Mr. Rowley's works to date. In an ironic twist, I was checking the eBay links on the menu (below the site disclaimer) for functionality and ended up bidding on an auction (link good until 3/8/1) for a couple of his books and won.
BM1.0 Icon Goose.gif ...and just because she was online while I was updating, we know that Allronix is updating her GR page. Check it out at