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30 RB GR Interceptor 24.jpg

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  • 8/23/2021
  • Corrected engine nozzle depth
  • Modified fuselage connector for better fit and orientation
  • Elongated upper engines to better balance the bottom engine look


  • Corrected cockpit frame orientation
  • Changed connector system for fuselage


  • first version

In 2086, two peaceful aliens journeyed to Earth, seeking our help. In return, they gave us the plans for our first hyperdrive, allowing mankind to open the doors to the stars. We have assembled a team of unique individuals to protect Earth and our allies. Courageous pioneers committed to the highest ideals of justice and dedicated to preserving law and order across the new frontier.

These are the Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers!

06 RB GR Interceptor 08.jpg


The Ranger Interceptor is one of the most recognizable spaceships from The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, a 65 episode animated series that aired in 1986. This model began as an attempt to copy and fold Armorman's Ranger Interceptor¹ within Blender and then quickly turned into a 10 month long learning expedition crafting it from reference stills taken from the series. With nearly 20 artists, a break neck production schedule, and what appears to be 3 or 4 different final rendering groups at TMS, the consistency of the Interceptor unfortunately all over the place. There are a couple of "artistic liberty" items with the model, however I can probably find a still that matches up!  ;-P

Holding this model brings back my inner 12 year old, I hope it has the same effect for you!

You can check out my website,, for other Galaxy Rangers info (and possibly a page for this model²).

Big thanks to ArmorMan, the EWC, the Ranger-L mailing list, the G.R. creators, and M.T. !


I have a plan to print a few of the models out and send them out to some of the production crew that I have contact with. If you would like help with the costs, you can send via PayPal to [email protected]. Thank you!


20 RB GR Interceptor 17.jpg


This model is scaled to be 27.94cm \ 11in long (from nose to engine nozzle tip), matching the size of a Lego X-Wing. Below are my notes on how many of each .stl to print and my approach to assembling the unit. The included Cura slice image is for reference only: I printed each major element on its own.

Single Print Items

  • Engine - Bottom.stl
  • Engine - Right.stl
  • Engine - Left.stl
  • Fuselage - Front.stl
  • Fuselage - Rear.stl
  • Connector Fuselage v3.stl
  • Connector Engine Bottom.stl
26 RB GR Interceptor 23.jpg

Double Print Items

  • Connector Engine Top Print 2.stl
  • Engine - Bottom Nozzle Print 2.stl
  • Engine - Top Nozzle Print 2.stl
  • Engine - Top Nozzle Outer Print 2.stl


In my prints so far, there is a fair amount of sanding that is needed. I will be trying different orientations and possibly filler to get a smoother bottom print. Top surfaces are nearly pristine depending on the printer quality settings. I am a fan of doing a sandable primer coat after some basic sanding, then sanding more as needed.


Each of the engine connectors were fashioned to slide lock into place. If they are too tight, sand\file them down a little until they are snug. Throughout the build process you may be connecting and disconnect items until you are ready for the final glue, this was an intentional part of the build!

The fuselage connector should be insert into the rear fuselage and pressed in until it locks in place (no glue should be needed for this part). Keep the reference discs up and you should be all set.


Currently I am using aerosol paints for the body and looking for solutions for the red trim pieces that do not end up in blobs. If taping, make sure the tape is flat. Any surface that wasn't sanded flat will allow paint to run below the tape.

32 RB GR Interceptor 26.jpg

Cockpit (Optional)

I used metallic tape (available at hardware store near the HVAC section usually) to cut out the cockpit frames and applied the window.