as reviewed by Rabbi Bob
Originally aired 12/10/1986


Continued from Gift of Life, William Ester Sawyer awakes on Tortuna with only his clothes, a slingshot and the mysterious medallion left to him by Max Sawyer. Shortly after, Billy finds Sundancer tied and under attack from a local predator and attempts to save the horse from becoming the next meal.

Billy and Sundancer spend some quality time together, from which Billy realizes that Max really did care for him. As luck would have it, the kidnappers reappear, taking both the boy and horse hostage. Brappo is overheard later stating that he wants "The White" kept out of the race and the boy disposed off.

Billy is befriended by Ginger, the local stable keeper. Ginger fills Billy in on the upcoming Excelon race, Brappo's criminal status, the plans for Sundancer, and something called "The Death Steed." Ginger takes Billy to see Sundancer and then brings Geezi to the stables afterwards.



Brappo and Billy exchange pleasantries as Billy is found in Sundancer's stable. With the help of Geezi, Ginger, Sundancer and a good dose of plastic explosives, the escape is made. Brappo's men are in quick pursuit however and the end looks near as Sundancer falls into Brappo's gun sights...

The Rangers appear in the nick of time and everyone is forced out of the air. Brappo comes forth and produces a 'Bill Of Sales' for Sundancer. Unreluctant to give the horse up, Goose bets the horse on winning the race. If he wins, Billy gets the horse. If he loses, then they arrest Brappo for every law in the League of Planets. Of course, the question remains of who will ride him.



Billy gears up and prepares for the race. Brappo and his men stop over for one last vote of Tortuna flavored confidence, cheerfully reminding Goose that "Tortuna don't fall under League laws."

The mysterious Death Steed manages to take down each opponent in comes in contact with by using boot lasers, whips and a whole assortment of things left out of Ben Hur.

The race climaxes at the Death Leap and it comes down to the Death Steed & Billy. The medallion comes to life, granting Billy a little extra strength and protecting him from the Death Steed's laser blasts. A deflected blast takes down the Death Steed half way through the jump and Sundancer glides into the finish to the cheers of the Excelon crowd at hand.



Billy and the Rangers load up on Ranger 1 for the return to Earth, where it has been agreed that Billy & Sundancer will live. Ginger and Geezi have a moment of reflection on the fact that humans are here to stay.

...and Geezi may even get to like them.

Quotes Ginger: They could be MONSTER RODENTS!

Geezie: What's wrong with your horse?
Billy: He's hurt, you hooter!