Sam Loves You All


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Sam Loves You All

by CGfWiG

Rated: Unrated

This came to my mind when Richard Ryley challenged us to write an HOAX that's so obvious, that no one would take it serious.

Subject: Fw: WARNING: Dangerous EMail virus

Dear friends,

A severe danger to all computers on the net has occured, follow the instructions to survive it. Whenever you get some Mail with the Subject "Sam loves you all"

Don't open it but read the instructions below. Whenever you would open it, your Mail-Client will start executing some Java-Script, setting free some virus that will immediately take over your whole system. Furthermore, the virus will start forwarding that dangerous EMail to all other E-Mail-Adresses found on your computer!

In body of the EMail, the text claims that this is "a message of peace" from somebody called "sam", who want's to "protect all life-forms". Possibly the latter could be true, as that virus might drive our whole society back to the times of Adam and Eve.

That EMail does severe damage to your computer. After being opened by your Mail-Client, it starts removing obsolete code from your Operating-System (in most cases Windows 95), causing you Computer to run about ten-times as fast as before. This is extremely dangerous: Most software-producers have spend years to adjust the speed of their software to the speed of the users, only to prevent the users to become overwhelmed by the speed of their computers. In recent time, several people had to get help from psychatrists, because they couldn't say anything else then "I selected the command, and immediately the PC wanted the next one, I selected the command, and immediately the PC wanted the next one..."

It also removes most bugs out of your Applications, so you'll really have to worry how to explain your boss, why you didn't finish your work: no more excuses "my computer crashed"!

Whenever the virus has taken over your system and made it so fast that you won't notice the slowdown caused by the virus-actions, it starts upgrading your main processor, e.g. changes an Intel Celeron to an Penium II, how this hardware-damage is caused is unknown yet.

Microsoft is very conserned about this Mail. Bill Gates stated "If that Mail is spread, MS will loose most of his customers, no one will ever buy an update again! We are working on the problem, but it's difficult to remove the Virus from an infected system.".

Netscapes CEO, Marc Andreson stated, that they found out the EMail always claimed to come form "", though that host is invalid. Even more funny, the Send-Time is set to 2087. Checking these probably unique ID-codes of the Message, the new Communicator 5.0 should be able to prevent users from that virus.

If you should receive a message with the subject "Sam loves you all", delete the whole folder from the filemanager. You can not delete it from the Mail-Client, as the mail is auto-opened before!

Pass this message to ALL people you know on the internet to prevent this planet of being taken over by "sam", the inofficial name of the virus.