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by RurouniTriv

Rated: K

Summary: Zach’s dreams finally come true in this very touching story.

The tall, dark-haired man sat outside the hospital room, occasionally standing to pace impatiently up and down the corridor. His blue eyes never left the door for more than a few seconds at a time. His left hand cradled a small object, which his right hand caressed constantly.

The ruby crystal filled his mind with whispers of alien malice, awakening memories of pain and loss, but he didn't care. They only made him more impatient.

Finally, the door opened and the doctor beckoned him in with a smile. "She's ready now, sir."

The tall man walked eagerly into the hospital room, eyes darting around for a moment before locking onto what he most wanted to see. There, lying on the bed, was a brown-haired woman, looking very pale, chilled, and somehow... incomplete. On her chest was a six-sided crimson jewel, an exact match in size, shape and color to the one in the man's hand. He barely noticed the doctor's discreet exit, attention totally bound up in her.

He took a deep breath, eyes closing for a moment, almost as if he were steeling himself... or telling himself that this was real. Then he walked over to the bed and placed the two crystals together. There was a ripple of energy, and the two crystals merged and melted together into the woman's breast. He held his breath.

After a few moments that seemed like an eternity, the woman stirred. Her eyelashes fluttered open, and she looked around in confusion. Then her beautiful eyes found his own, and her lips, still pale from the cold of the cryochamber, curved into a slight, sweet smile. They opened, and he heard the words that he'd been waiting forever to hear.

"Zachary, my love..."