March 30.2019


March 30.2019

Avast! It's a whale of an update for March! Space Moby galore, Series 6 Podcast publishes, What TV station did you watch the series on? 499 Fanfic links, Creator Updates and maple syrup!

Series 6 Podcast

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The Series 6 Team along with guests Drew and Andrew of the Figure Knights review Space Moby! Check that out here for more info and how to subscribe.

Space Moby The Re-Telling

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More Space Moby fun, series writer Dan Fiorella provided us with a re-telling of the episode. We've freshened up the screenshots and you can read the submission to out about that musical instrument and space-puns here!

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Site Updates & New Items

TV Station Listings

  • Mark Lungo has been updating a number of TV station listings based initially on the Starlog Magazine issue #125 over at and after doing a lot of research to curate the listing, he's brought it to the site! Check out the Syndication Listings page! Thanks Mark
    • If anyone happens to have a lead on what station GR aired in Denver, CO please let us know!


  • Added Rationalizations for Being a Member of the Series 5 Team from GRCD1!
  • MaryNiko has been supplying the information for cataloging what characters and locations appear in fanfic stories, which means a lot of reading and typing. This past month, that work got combined into the site and it's helping make finding a character across multiple stories even easier!
  • Over the past 32+ years there has been a lot of fanfic written and posted in various places (personal sites,, ArchiveOfOurOwn, mailing lists, the GRCD's) and there hasn't been a place to find the majority of the works. We've finally done it! Check out the Fanfic page and see the new sortable table of information. Over time we will be updating, correcting, adding, etc to the table (including fixing holes). If you see any issues or want your fanfic added (or removed), let us know! If you have fanfic you'd like added to the site here as well, don't hesitate to get in touch! 499 fanfic stories are currently listed!

Website Back End Updates

  • Near the end of April we will be doing some site updates which will make the site inaccessible during the work.
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Creator Updates

We have quote a few postings in this area this month!

Dan Fiorella

  • Before he was on the Series 6 Podcast, Dan was a guest on Mark Arnold's Fun Ideas Podcast (episodes 7 & 8). Mark and Dan were both contributing writers to Cracked! magazine during its run.

Glen A. Schofield

Podcast Interview
Ars Technica

Dennis Woodyard

John Van Tongeren

  • A recent video posting from John Van Tongeren's band Trinom3
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Space Yogurt

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If you've been watching Netflix's Love, Death & Robots anthology, you probably saw the "When the Yogurt Took Over" episode and I couldn't get the Space Yogurt from Space Moby out of my head. LDR is NSFW but an interesting watch. If you haven't seen it yet and liked anthology stories that are akin to the Heavy Metal series, go watch it now!

Maple Syrup

March and April are big months in the New England due to maple syrup season being underway. We tap maple trees on our property, boil down the sap and jar a few gallons of maple syrup for own enjoyment (re: on ice cream, in oatmeal, on pancakes and french toast). This process takes two or three weekends to do and usually takes up most of the month's spare time. This year we have the process down and where I was afraid I would only have a few points to discuss, it ends up being the biggest update in months!

What if... maple flavored Space Yogurt???!!!