Kitchen Punishment


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Set some hours after Babysitter's Assignment by Kat "Bruinhilda" Anderson.
As boring as heating up hell. Goose dropped the peeled potato into the big pot in front of him and grabbed the next one. There must be a way to do this more efficiently! The knife circled around the uneven vegetable, peel fell in front of his boots and another potato plunged into the water of the pot.
"HEY! Ranger" The big fat cook shouted across the kitchen hall. "Don't flood the whole room. From what I heard you'd made enough trouble for the rest of your life!" The cook pulled a big pan onto the stove and started to roast the first load of potatoes Goose had had to peel.
Shut up! Goose gently dropped the next two potatoes into the pot and refused to throw the next two hundred through the hall onto the cook, watching him roasting. If those things are roasted nevertheless... He snapped his fingers. "That's it!!!*
He emptied out the potato sac onto the table, took his blasters, adjusted them to low energy output in a wide, nonfocused beam and...
"SIR!! With all due respect," the big cook gasped for breath, "if you have to punish one of your men -- DO IT IN YOUR KITCHEN, NOT MINE!"
Walsh stared at the cook, who stood trembling, with a bright red face and soaked with sweat in front of him and sighed. "Okay then. What *has* he done?"
"He shot my potatoes!"