How Can I



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How Can I?

by AnnieO

Rated: K

Summary: Words are sometimes hard to say.

How can I say
What you mean to me
When I don't know the words
And yet, I try to speak

How can I feel
The emotion you cause in me
When I don't understand love
And yet, you've taught me this

How can I be
Your shelter in the wind
When I can't fight the storm
And yet, you trust in me

How can I hold
You safely in my arms
When I don't feel safe myself
And yet, I will protect you

How can I give
My life to save yours
When it is not my life to give
And, yet I will die for you

How can you love
Somebody like me
Whose past is dark with war
And yet, you give your love

So now I know
How to say the words
To whisper in your ear
And just to say

Niko, I love you.