Babysitter's Assignment


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Babysitter's Assignment

by Bruinhilda

Rated: K

Summary: Why you shouldn't ask a Supertrooper to take care of a VIP kid...

Walsh walked into the hanger bay, where a series of technicians worked furiously on the P-38's cockpit. After a moment's observation, he walked up to the Ranger standing nearby.
"Goose. My office. Now."
"Yes Commander."
The Commander sat down at his desk, and regarded the Ranger standing at attention in front of him.
"Now then. Gooseman...what the HELL were you thinking?!?"
Goose blinked. "About what, Sir?"
"About duct-taping the Premier's second cousin Ronald to the wall of the ship! What did you think I meant?"
"Oh, that. Well, what was I suppose to do, Sir? He wouldn't stop playing with the controls. I had to keep him from firing on Ozark somehow."
Walsh rolled his eyes. "There are ways to discipline a 9 year old, Goose. Tying him up isn't one of them."
"I was going to fire him out of the airlock, Sir, but I thought the Premier might have been a little upset. So I compromised."
"You think the Premier isn't upset now? It's not easy to get the glue off. I think the boy is still sticky. And the manpower expended..."
"I doubt it's the tape, sir. It's more likely all the candy pops he was eating. Besides, how was I supposed to know it would take 3 hours and 9 technicians to peel him off?"
"Couldn't you have at least taped him right side up?"
"He wriggled. Besides, the blood rushing to the head is supposed to be good for the brain."
Walsh signed, and rested his head in his hand. "You're on KP duty for the next three months. For some reason, the Premier declined to press charges." Muttering under his breath, he added, "Probably because he always wanted to do that to the little brat himself." Aloud, he finished, "Dismissed. Report to the kitchen."
Goose saluted and walked to the door. Then he turned around again.
"Sir? Has this hurt my chances of ever getting assigned a VIP again?"
Walsh glared at him. "I wouldn't trust you with a VIP if you were the last Ranger in my command. Now report to the kitchen!"
Goose saluted again, walked out the door, and then grinned.
"Mission accomplished."

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