September 14.2019


September 14.2019

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On This Day in 1986

On a Sunday 33[1] years ago we got a chance to watch the run of The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, presumably in pajamas and with a bowl of cereal in hand, on one of many TV stations across America. [2].

The art, writing, music and overall journey of the group captured the imaginations of quite a few youngsters at the time, and while it wasn't able to pick up additional seasons, it created a lasting impression on viewers in the form of art, fan fiction, and other various influences. Check out Tara O'Shea's 2004 interview with series creator Robert Mandell for some insight behind the scenes and his thoughts on the series.

Happy anniversary Galaxy Rangers!

No guts, no glory!

  1. 33 is a magic number
  2. We are fantasizing a little here, we don't have actual confirmation that Zach, Niko, Goose and Doc lit up screens simultaneously across the U.S., rolling with the time zones, but you hopefully get the idea!