January 26.2019


January 26.2019

Characters and Characters and Characters, Toys, Mark Chiarello, GV in Blender, Parting Shot

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Characters and Characters and Characters

Happy New Year!

The last month of work was pretty much centered around doing a re-watch of the series in order to grab all of the characters I could. It was a bit daunting and the initial output is below (I'll share the spreadsheet out for viewing). On the last update I had just passed 200 characters and right now there are roughly 555 characters listed (a couple of duplicates and a load of tertiary background characters).

Next up: editing the spreadsheet and getting the attributes filled out so the character pages can be made.

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Pictures Galore

You'll never guess this bio-defense....

Uploaded a good number of Toys to the gallery, including Zachary, Goose, Doc, a few of the horses, shooters and a watch. After seeing some really unfortunate results of neglect being posted, we started a "Toys-OMG-WHAT-HAPPENED" sub-category to the Toys group. You can check those out, good and bad, here. We have some pictures of the protoypes as well and will post those at a later time.

DIY Lightbox

If you have figures, I'll post some pictures of my DIY lightbox so you can build one to take stunning pictures of your collection.

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Creator Updates

Mark Chiarello

Send some good thoughts over to former series artist Mark Chiarello if you have a moment and wish him luck getting back on his feet. Nuff said!

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GV in Blender

Over winter break I gave a shot at creating GV in Blender. Visually it works, but I have a lot to learn about making a model that is printable. Until then, I've got screenshots and an .stl file to play with.

GV v3.6.png
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Parting Shot

Saw a picture on Twitter... and then this happened:

BobRoss ZacharyFoxx.jpg

"I started to paint a happy Captain Foxx, but then I asked myself 'Self, was he ever really happy?' and then I let the brush find his heart...a little cobalt blue and a touch of titanium white..." said Bob Ross never.

Credit to my son for the cobalt blue\titanium white touch.