February 28.2019


February 28.2019

February is a Short Month! Larry Rosenthal Art, Fanfic Categories

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February is a Short Month!

February is not only cold in the north, but it's cold and short. This month was a little crazy in real life and it included an impromptu flight to Detroit with my daughter and a 1000+ mile drive back to home. The trip was great and all for good, we made some memories with her and made it home safely in time to enjoy a cold beverage and birthday cake. The rest of the month was taken up with staying warm, moving snow, class work and work work. On top of that, we tapped the maple trees in anticipation of syrup season starting. Real life has been taking up its usual time as it does!

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Creator Updates

Larry Rosenthal Art

Through a Twitter exchange in mid February, series artist Larry Rosenthal gave some background on Marock's ship in the episode Invasion:

FYI. In the original notes the alien kids ship I designed was supposed to dwarf the station like Baloks ship did to the USS Enterprise in a nod to TOS. They never showed an external shot to establish it's scale. Would have been a nice shot and shown power of his species. [1]

In the episode, we saw this representation:


Larry then shared a collage of his artwork, including a "3D rendered" version of the Spydroid, that he had up on his Cube3 website [2] for 20 years. [3] Larry was kind enough to allow us to share that here on the site and we've combined with a still of the Spydroid as in the episode Stargate. Thank you Larry!

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The Fanfic categories are starting to fill out! Our own MaryNiko from the forums has been working through the stories and providing the information needed to create the connections between characters and the fanfic that they appear in. For example, if you wanted to see how many stories Jessica Foxx was in, you could go to her page and look at Fanfic Appearances to see:

Pretty cool! The lists will continue expand while things are cataloged. Somewhere in the future I plan on redoing the page formatting so the reading is easier, for now I'll apologize for some of the layouts right up front.

Random Fanfic

Finally, I didn't know this existed until last night, a random link to items within a Category. Check this out: Click for a random story in the Fanfic category!