December 24.2018


December 24.2018

Robert Mandell 2004 Interview, Dan Fiorella - Series 6 Podcast, Characters Characters Characters, Happy Holidays

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Robert Mandell 2004 Interview

Tara O'Shea has been a fan of the Galaxy Rangers for years and in 2004 she had the pleasure of interviewing the series creator, Mr. Robert Mandell. Tara and Robert discuss the the show and the interview shows us Robert's favorite things from the series, a bit of production insight, and of course how toys influenced the success or demise of a cartoon in the 1980's.

Read the interview here!

Thank you Tara.

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Dan Fiorella - Series 6 Podcast

In Episode 16.2, Galaxy Rangers series writer Dan Fiorella sits in with the Series 6 Podcast as they review The Ax. Dan talks about some of the creative aspects of writing an episode, including how he and occasional co-writer John Rawlins approach writing stories in a way that doesn't use the Series 5 implants as the over powered plot movers that they sometimes can be. The talk also discusses a bit of the background on the endings of Boomtown, written by Dan, and Shaky, leaving us to wonder what happens if we splice the two together. Check the episode out here.

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Characters Characters Characters

This month we took a step back from things and decided that cataloging characters was the priority item. This was an insane move. By episode 23 we've cataloged 211 characters, some with names and many without, and the issues are "do they eventually get a name?" and "have I seen that character already?". Did I mention this was an insane move? You can read find out the Iron Maiden crossover and whether or not Tom Waits is a Supertrooper over in the Forums.

Additional helpful reference items:

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Happy Holidays

It's that time of year again and we wish you a "Happy Holidays" from Betamountain.Org!

Fan Fiction Fun

While you're sipping eggnog, check out a couple of fan-fiction pieces that were included on GRCD1!

12 Days of GR Christmas

On the Twelfth day of Christmas, Commander Walsh gave to me:

  • Twelve Goosemans Goosing,
  • Eleven Blasters blasting,
  • Ten Plagos bumbling,
  • Nine Kiwis dancing,
  • Eight Spy Droids,
  • Seven Black Hole bandits,
  • Six Melliepoo's!,
  • Five Evil Queens,
  • Four shining badges,
  • Three data discs,
  • Two robosteeds and a Bubblehead in a pear tree...

Parting Shot

And, with much respect to Dan Fiorella and honestly not knowing where my mind went this morning in order to take 30 minutes to throw this one together, this season's parting shot: