December 03.2021


December 3.2021

Neither my time machine or cloning project seems to be panning out, but apparently back-dating is an avenue!

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John Rawlins

John Rawlins

News reached us concerning GR series writer John Rawlins and that he had left us this past Tuesday after a long illness. John had at least nine episodes in the run and his story "Tune-Up" was the first story to approved for production. His writing ran the gamut from comedy to ecological themes and, often working in collaboration with Dan Fiorella, worked to put the spotlight on the secondary characters of the show. In the late 90's, the Ranger-L list members had the pleasure of John joining the listserv for a time. As noted by Dan: was a good guy, a great writer and a wicked wit. John, an avid gamer and designer, creating Hax for Realmz and Swamplings for the open-source turned based game The Battle for Wesnoth and the latter project lives on in the hands of others now.

In 2019, I shared with John via Twitter that Invasion was the episode that is one of the most fun places to start into G.R. for my kids. My daughter, now 18, still says "TV... TV PARTY TONIGHT". A bit of Boru the Dragon lives on.

Here are a few items to check out:

  • Obituary with memories video
  • For a touch of his and Dan's humor and insight on the show, check out the self interviewed interview Did We Get Away With Murder or What?
  • John was a huge Buzzwang supporter and you can read his insights at Buzzwangblog
  • Two videos from the DVD collection showcasing John and Dan (thank you Dan)

RIP John - Thank you for the memories.

John Rawlins
June 02, 1959 - November 23, 2021

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Fourth Anniversary

I never really know what to call, well, the rebirth of the sites since we got the domain back (see News Archive 14). We'll probably run dual anniversaries and just be happy with it (21.5 for those counting). The domain was renewed back in November and we are good for another year. As always, big thanks to @Marienro2 for that polite Twitter poke that resulted in four more years of!

Life at home is going well, however if I ever thought that things might slow down with one kid off at university and one almost midway through high school... I was wrong. Simply wrong.

If anyone out there is a fan of the series and would like to help with the site, feel free to reach out and let me know, I'd love some help!

Finally, I've changed up the banner for a while in honor of John with a stitched picture from the co-authored (with Dan) Murder on the Andorian Express.

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Original Animation Cels

Chief Pawnee

A series of eBay auctions went up over the last couple of months from Peter*Alien. These sets included a subset of the artwork seen in the Licensing Packet, five original hand-painted animation cels (four from Horsepower and one from Armada), and the original pencil sketches. If you've sought after GR cels ever, you probably have seen that there are less than twenty seen around the web and are very scarce. LadyNiko's cel is the closest degree of separation I have to a single cel.

I could not resist.

I now have five cels!

I'll upload the others over time. For now, I am debating on which and how to frame. If you happen to see any more from Peter, he packages the bundle with care and as of the last correspondence may have two or three packets left. Peter includes some additional items and you realize that when you were a kid, Peter was out doing cool things way before the current convention standard of cosplay.

Peter Mosen

Through some searching around, and then later confirmed, I've added Peter Mosen to the Show Credits page by way of a new "Pre-Production" section. Peter had also worked with Robert Mandell on a couple of other projects as well.