01-26-01 (Mandell, Cracked, RCon4 & more..)


01-26-01 (Mandell, Cracked, RCon4 & more..) - RB

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Check out a story over at that furthers our 11-17-00 post from Robert Mandell on his collaboration on an upcoming movie adaptation of Larry Niven's Ringworld

Click here for more. (Thanks Chiang-Ku)
BM1.0 Icon Full.gif In more shameless plugging, check out CRACKED magazine's issue #353 (Pikachu cover) and look for "Rites of Passage," co-written by Dan Fiorella! #352 should be on the stands at the moment.
BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif The voting for the location of RangerCon4 is complete. The word from Lady Niko is that while Seattle was the winner, the powers that be have decided on St. Louis. I'll post the results on the next update and we'll see if LN will be posting info here for the next RangerCon or not. Personally, I don't think that having Plagos count the ballots was such a good idea. Recount.......
BM1.0 Icon Normalcursor.gif Betamountain received the rough draft last night for the upcoming "About The Series" section and we're pretty happy with the contents. Expect a good, long and in-depth look at the series. I'm learning new things at the moment about the series just by reading it myself! Fatima delivers.
BM1.0 Icon RecycleEmpty.gif Always giving the good word after I fall, CGfWiG clued me in about the AOL Editor's Pick mentioned earlier this month:
Hi! Just to get you down :), the Editor's pick is there because I marked the site on DMOZ, and AOL just displays the DMOZ data. (don't kill me :-)
I guess I'll have to send back the party balloons ;P