Original Cel - Horsepower - Chief Pawnee

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Original Cel - Horsepower - Chief Pawnee

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I recently picked up 5 cels from an eBay auction from Peter*Alien and this one is of Chief Pawnee, leader of the Mesa tribe, from the episode Horsepower. This particular one is a two layer cel, the mouth being its own layer.

Each cell is hand painted and also includes the original pencil reference sheet.

Pretty happy with the purchase - debating on which to frame, etc.

Until Peter's auction, I think I've only seen 10 or so cels posted online or within the Ranger-L group (LadyNiko's cell comes to mind immediately). As of this post, Peter has put up 15 by my count (and the current auction has a bidder) and they are primarily from Horsepower, however has a ship sequence is from Armada.

More later (maybe all of them for the anniversary post)!
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