Episode 16.1 Dan Fiorella - Rabbi Bob's Questions

Relive the series with RD_Blade and Jay via the Series 6 Podcast!
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Episode 16.1 Dan Fiorella - Rabbi Bob's Questions

Post by RabbiBob » Sun Nov 25, 2018 5:40 am

The below is my submission for the Dan Fiorella interview. Some of it came from not knowing how many submissions there might be, we're talking about a 32 year old cartoon after all, and some questions were leading in the vein of "things I recently uncovered" (whether or not they were in front of my eyes for years is another matter) that I thought would be more interesting coming from Dan. Comments in red were added for this posting

RD: I'm gonna skip over to Rabbi Bob he's the last of the questioners, the winner, kinda sorta my goodness he has like a whole bunch of bullet points...

Dan F: oh my goodness...

RD: maybe ten bullet points and then underneath the last of the ten bullet points and it has question.... and then those are the bullet points..

Jay: Questions like that have to go with a beer and a meal, and then you can ask those questions

Dan F: He was in my website oh geez....


Question #1
"How do you signup for a blog from Weebly?"

Wait... wrong question...

History has that you contributed to the plague back in 1977. What was that about? Was NYU really college humorless? I know you can't explain the 25th anniversary cover, but can you explain the issue after that's cover? (Warning: image contains blood and suggestive imagery)

How does NYU's The Plague tie into the Galaxy Rangers?

{{If he mentions John Rawlins:

You and John have share writing credits on a couple of episodes in the series: What was it like teaming back up with John?

It appears like you both had a lot of fun slipping in homages into the scripts such as the nod to the Marx Brothers in Murder on the Andorian Express or John's fairly overt nod to both Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Ok, more than fairly overt: in Invasion the characters were actually named Stanley and Ollie.

Are there a couple of homages that you're extremely happy with getting into the final product or any Easter eggs you hid in the series that we'd be surprised to have unveiled?

Question #2

Speaking of Easter Eggs, is it true you have a Galaxy Rangers Easter egg in one of your books?

{{Should get a nod to Halloweenies, timely and topical!}} - Dan alluded to this in a tweet last year and he discusses it in the interview.


1) What was inspiration for Roy MacIntyre? He feels like the perfect blend of Blazing Saddles Gabbie Johnson and a teddy bear. Not the smartest guy with the bazooka in the mine shaft, but certainly the most love-able.

1.5) You were able to start a few running gags, including the Burro-5000 "Wall-E" which was memorable as well. [[Optional: Were you surprised when Pixar gave you that hidden nod with that trash heap robot, what was his name? Wall-eee?]]

2) In Space Moby, was it tough getting "Maalox" through as a character name? There's a tweet exchange on this one from 2017 somewhere, apparently it was tough and I was curious how that discussion went.

3) Does "Zev Slashinger" ring any bells?

Don't read aloud (or I guess you can), this one is really freaking odd. First read https://betamountain.org/index.php/Did_ ... er_or_What
Search for the name Zev in the article: Rawlins and wrote the ep
Then google "slashinger" "galaxy rangers"
There are 2 or 3 results, one the article above, the other this article:




No really, it's just bizarre. Was it an inside job, a fan, what's the deal?

How the heck does such a random name in a "fake" interview end up with that many credits on a website. What's the connection?

4) Rabbi Bob wants to know how you've managed to put up with him after all these years.

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