No Guts, No Glasslite

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No Guts, No Glasslite

Post by Mark Lungo » Fri Mar 22, 2019 1:33 pm

In earlier posts, I've complained about Galoob's Galaxy Rangers figures; I love them, I wish I hadn't had to sell them, but they weren't perfect. However, I forgot to mention one of my biggest problems with the Galoob line: the packaging. It was primarily red, which is an eye-catching color, but otherwise it was very plain and cheap-looking. The figures came in generic blister cards, with a little sticker identifying each character with a brief blurb. Galoob clearly didn't put enough effort into the package designs; could this be one reason that American retailers passed on the toys?

By contrast, Brazilian toy company Glasslite improved on Galoob's efforts. All they did was enlarge the pic of the Rangers charging on their Cybersteeds, but the result was a lot cooler than the American design. I'm attaching front and back pics of the Glasslite packaging so you can see what I mean.

Galaxy Rangers Queen Glasslite front.jpg
Galaxy Rangers Queen Glasslite front.jpg (87.64 KiB) Viewed 793 times
Galaxy Rangers Queen Glasslite back.jpg
Galaxy Rangers Queen Glasslite back.jpg (80.48 KiB) Viewed 793 times
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Re: No Guts, No Glasslite

Post by MaryNiko » Fri Mar 22, 2019 6:49 pm

Well, in an interview with Robert Mandell, the same director of GR, says he wanted something different: he did not want publicity. Maybe Galoob, without the support of the director of the series, could not do much or did not want to risk selling a product with a higher cost. it's just my opinion, but if we compare the figures of GR with others, of other series, GR are of "low cost", (although now, to me, they cost me an eye of the face ...). In addition, they do not look much like the characters in the series, the Series5 team is not complete, there are no slaverlords, nor the Ranger1, nor other Supertroopers ... they could have made infinite figures and accessories. and the DVDs, they were released 8 years later !? In summary: I think marketing failed. an innovative product, unknown, new and unique, must be made known: if I do not see it, I do not want it.

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