It's That Time! Part 2

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It's That Time! Part 2

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Happy The Adventures Of The Galaxy Rangers 9/15/1987 Anniversary! I consider this the actual anniversary instead of the 9/14/1986 one because the earlier one only showed a few episodes in many markets (like a pilot series) until 9/15/1987. it doesn't hurt to celebrate both, i guess. I promised to show a modification of a weapon for AotGr cosplay use. However, I can't seem to figure out how to get my photos of my new devices to show you my modifications, so I'll tell you about the weapon/toy I've used and how I've changed it to fit the AotGRverse. I've chosen the Nerf N Strike Elite Roughcut 2 x 4 BattleCamo Blaster as a double barreled shotgun. I've painted the barrels silver. The advantages of this tactical grip short barrels (it has 2 side by side barrels stacked in rows of 4) instead of a short double barreled shotgun with a shoulder stock like the original AotGR shotgun is its small enough to wear in a thigh holster. I like the camophlage pattern of white, grey and 2 shades of blue because it seem to go with almost every AotGR uniform. They also make a blue colored version of this gun.
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Re: It's That Time! Part 2

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hey! I imagine that and it seems fine, but... we want to see that weapon! 🙏

* I also have problems with uploading photos if they are of quality.
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