Song GR

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Song GR

Post by MaryNiko » Mon Apr 01, 2019 6:43 pm

these are the chords to play one of the songs of GR: ... ongebob223

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Re: Song GR

Post by RabbiBob » Wed Apr 03, 2019 6:05 pm

Posted with permission, SelfDestructBoy's tablature for Rangers Ride Forever, written by Steven and Christopher Overland.

Chords updated 1/2 step down from SDB's original

Code: Select all

Lyrics, chords, and guitar tablature

Bm G A D

Bm            G A           D
Now and again       we need a hero

Bm          G        A         D    A 
   When something out there is going wrong

Bm               G  A.       D
Ridin' the stars       Galaxy Rangers

Bm    G     A                D        A 
   Makin' it right where the false is strong

G                        A 
   Blazing a trail in the dark of the night

 F#m                 Bm   A
across the last frontier

G.                           A
No turning back till the end is in sight

Just there's got to be one

   Csus2.  C             Csus4 C
We fight till we've won

  Rangers are forever

Whenever they hear duty call

C               D
Take it in the strangest stars (???)

  Rangers are forever

Rangers are forever

Whenever they hear duty call

C.               D
Take it in the strangest stars (???)

  Rangers are forever

A                            C.  D
Danger out there in the skies

C               D.         C.           D.          C 
There can be no compromise (Rangers they ride on and on)

Rangers are forever

Guitar chord formations:
Bm       - 2 2 4 4 3 2 
G          - X 5 5 4 3 3
A          -  X 0 2 2 2 0 
D.          - X 5 7 7 7 5
F#m.    - 2 4 4 2 2 2 
C           - X 3 5 5 5 3
Csus4    - X 3 5 5 6 3
Csus2   - X 3 5 5 3 4
E.           - 0 2 2 1 0 0 / 0 7 9 9 9 0

Visit my homepage at and download
the song in MIDI format, plus a lot more MIDIs, and look at a lot of other things!
This file made by Stefan H. AKA SelfDestructBoy at

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Re: Song GR

Post by Mark Lungo » Sat Apr 06, 2019 1:18 pm

Lyric corrections:

* "Rangers Ride Forever"
* "Makin' it right with a force so strong"
* "There's a job to be done, a fight to be won"
* "Whenever they hear duty call, they'll be here to save us all"
"Commander, there's a man on that planet by the name of Hartford, trying to save the Tarkonians, and you, and me, and everyone who doesn't want to be a slave, pilgrim."

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