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BETA Personnel

Post by RabbiBob » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:03 am

Starting to build out the character page for one of the biggest groups in the show, BETA Personnel.

This one is tricky as there are a ton of characters that operate in BETA Mountain, Longshot, the space navy, side projects like the Texton outpost: it could mean one massive page. Unsure if it is best to create the overall page (re: potentially massive page) and add everything there, or make it a base page to get to the more specific pages.

The other tricky part is people like 'Ray' - he was unknown in One Million Emotions, but he gets his name later in Buzzwang's Folly. He's part of a group but could get his own page (ala See Also: Ray).

Another fun item is cross-appearances, we get a few characters who appear, through re-use, at multiple installations and can't be designated as part of 'BETA Mountain Communications' alone.

Finally (?) 99% of everybody on the Earth side is technically part of BETA Personnel....

How granular or overarching does one get?

P.S. Did Jayce stop by BETA Mountain? (Jayce predates G.R. by a year)
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Re: BETA Personnel

Post by Mark Lungo » Thu Jan 27, 2022 3:55 pm

Just noticed: the red-headed guy in the pic resembles Ace McCloud from Centurions , another action cartoon from 1986. Gotta be a coincidence, but it's a funny one.
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